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5 Benefits of Organic Skincare Products

Benefits of organic skincare products

Making the switch to an organic skincare line has many perks to making you, your skin, and your planet feel a lot more superior.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and the significance of ingredients and formulations that are constantly being applied on top of it is far-reaching. Take a look at this topic with a fresh perspective. Are your skincare products safe for you to eat? If the answer is no, then why continue to feed your skin those same chemicals and toxins on a daily basis?

Switch to Natural Beauty

1. Nutrient-Rich

Organic brands promote ingredients and formulas derived from the natural world around us. From nuts and fruits to natural oils and other botanical agents, organic products are mixed with nutritional and natural elements. If you literally want to feed your skin the proper foods it needs to function and flourish, here are some common key ingredients that does wonders for specific skin issues:
Aloe vera, lavender, oatmeal (calming and healing)
Coconut, sunflower, jojoba, cucumber, avocado, beeswax (hydration)
Grapefruit, kelp/algae, clay (purifying)
Raw cane sugar, tea tree, clay (cleanses and exfoliates)
Aloe vera, lavender, oatmeal (soothing and healing)
Green tea, acai oil, honey, pomegranate (antioxidant)

2. Less Chemicals

Like picking out foods at the grocery store, checking the nutrition facts label on every packaging is the same as paying attention to the ingredients list on the back of our skincare products. We need to make sure what we’re consuming is healthy right? Maintain stream skincare products contain formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, nitrosamines, artificial fragrances and other toxic chemicals that we have no idea about. Chemicals like these promote severe skin irritation and congestion (skin is unable to breathe) that keeps our skin performing at its optimal level. Because organic skincare is a more natural alternative, our skin respond more positively and creates better, healthier results in the long run.

3. Worth the Investment

There is a price point for everyone in choosing an organic skincare line to invest in. Remember these common sayings, quality over quantity and you get what you pay for! That’s exactly what organic skincare encourages; high quality ingredients, a greener platform, and benefits that’ll thank you later in the future. If you are really looking to save more money or not quite sure how to transition to organic, you can start in your own kitchen. Organic skincare can be made simply in the comfort of your own as long as you have the right ingredients. Looking for a lip scrub? Mix coconut and brown sugar for a nice soothing exfoliation! How about a quick, easy face mask? Mash some avocados and mix in some honey, greek yogurt, and olive oil for instant hydration and smoother skin. Whether you have hundreds to spend or none at all, there is no excuses to going organic!

4. Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

When you change one healthy part of your life, the rest is bound to follow. The more you learn about organic beauty, you learn more about the green movement and other ways you could go even more green. Maybe you’d want to change your diet or even focus on your physical activity. When one aspect of your life is healthy, there’s no better way to achieve more.

5. Eco-Friendly

By choosing an organic skincare brand, you’re supporting the planet’s well-being. You’re choosing to give back to local farmers and adopting healthier ingredients. Organic skincare will most likely have an earth friendly packaging material and even cruelty free from not testing on animals. Mainstream skincare and cosmetics are harmful to the Earth’s atmosphere regarding the traditional manufacturing that exposes harmful chemicals, wasteful resources, and even the animal abuse it takes for both testing and ingredients. Making the switch to organic will not only take care of your skin but the planet you live in as well.