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6 Winter Skincare Tips

6 Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is coming and with it cold weather, dry skin, and the need to switch up your skincare routine. Switching up your winter skincare routine is easier than you think! It’s important to keep a close eye on your skincare routine as the weather starts to cool down in order to ensure that you aren’t overly drying out your skin or irritating it. Try these winter skincare tips from Clartici!

#1 Use a humidifier to keep skin moisturized

One of the best things that you can do for your skin during the cold winter months is keeping your skin moisturized. In order to keep your skin moisturized, especially if you are blasting the heat, you should use a humidifier to keep putting moisture back into the air. Running a humidifier in the rooms where you spend the most time in can prevent your skin from drying out from the extreme dryness that comes from cold, dry air.

#2 Use a gentle cleanser

When your skin faces a barrage of cold air this winter, you will surely experience dryer skin that is more prone to redness and irritation. Because of this, you should use a more gentle cleanser that is easier on your skin.

#3 Avoid taking too hot showers

You might be really tempted to take long, hot showers that keep you feeling warm this winter, but that could be a huge skincare mistake this winter. Hot water can cause your skin to turn red, become irritated, and dry out quickly once you are out of the shower. This will leave your skin more prone to drying, cracking, and in dire need of moisturizer.

#4 Use a thicker moisturizer

Because your skin will be experiencing a lot more dryness than usual in the cold, dry winter air, it is important that you switch to a thicker moisturizer for your daily use. A thicker moisturizer will sit on your skin longer, allowing it to penetrate the skin better.

#5 Exfoliate less

Exfoliating can be a great way to help your skin cells go through the regeneration process where you rid your skin of dead and flaky cells. Unfortunately, exfoliating can also irritate and dry out your skin, so you should exfoliate less as the weather gets cooler. You may read or hear that you should stop exfoliating all together, but that should only be the case if your skin is going through severe irritation and dryness. Try to exfoliate once a week during the winter.

#6 Apply Sunscreen

One of the most overlooked steps in any skincare regimen is the application of SPF sunscreen. Applying sunscreen is especially overlooked in the winter. Just because the sun isn’t out in full force like it is in the summer, doesn’t mean that the sun’s damaging UV rays aren’t causing serious harm to your skin. In order to protect your skin from harmful UV-B rays, you should apply a sunscreen that is at least SPF30. This will help prevent your skin from developing the signs of early aging.

With these winter skincare tips and Clartici’s ICI, you’re well on your way to the future of skincare.