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The Story of Clartici

Drawn from the Age of Enlightenment, Siècle des Lumières in French indicates that Clartici, an IT-based company is here to create a new world in skincare. At Clartici, we are bringing light to the ever-changing industry by empowering women with the access and knowledge about the importance of daily skin care. We are a brand striving to bring transparency and clarity to every individual’s skin care regimen.

Clartici is here to resonate every little change in your skin by offering you a customized skincare system that echoes your skin. This revolutionary skincare process will provide the most suitable solution, leaving your skin moisturized, smooth, and glowing from the inside out.

As a high-performance skincare line, ICI adapts to every change in your skin while providing customized skincare based on a unique formula. Through Clartici’s age-defying regimen that is infused with naturally derived active ingredients, we can help improve the oxygen level in the skin, which activate the metabolism, to regenerate the skin.


Our promise is to create and provide our clients with the most effective luxurious skincare products which optimize short and long term skincare results.

We are committed to empowering women in their daily skincare routines with ultra-modern technology while giving them knowledge about their specific skin type and what it properly needs to flourish.

Clartici is committed to using wholesome ingredients and formulas that will enable our clients to glow from the inside out.

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