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How to Take Care of Aging Skin

How to Take Care of Aging Skin

Your skin is the largest organ that you have and it’s also the one that is exposed to the element so it is critical that we take care of our skin as much as possible. Our skin types can vary so much from region to region the planet based on how much sunlight we are exposed to, how much moisture is in the air around us, as well as how we treat it! Our skin is so unique to us that it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all skincare solution. The one thing that is the same though, is that you need to have a skincare routine that meets your skin’s unique needs. That’s were Clartici comes in. our line of Smart skincare is just the thing that you need in order to better take care of aging skin!

Taking care of your skin as you age is so important, but how do you go about it? Well, for starters, you need to have a skincare solution that delivers plenty of anti-aging benefits.

Why You Need Skincare With Anti Aging Benefits

Our skin is constantly exposed to the elements, especially the sun its UV rays, and this can cause our skin’s health to deteriorate over the span of our lives. Healthy skin is more elastic and made of billions of healthy cells that, when nourished and cared for, will be more resistant to damage from sun spots, wrinkles, and the signs of aging skin.

In order to prevent and delay the signs of delicate, aging skin– it’s important that we use hydrating skincare products that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep your skin looking and feeling great! Here are 7 bonus tips for glowing skin that is sure to make your skin look and feel younger and more rejuvenated.

Improve Your Skincare Routine With Anti Aging Ingredients

So what can you do within your skincare routine to help protect your skin from the early signs of aging?

The short answer is to start using skincare products that have healthier ingredients that have more antiaging benefits and properties. Our Reiki and Sanguine nourishing serums are packed full of jojoba oil, almond oil, olive fruit oil, daisy extract, lavender, and squalene. Wow, that’s a lot of good stuff for your skin! Let’s take a look at our favorite ingredients and their benefits.

Jojoba Oil – A vegetable extract that is rich in vitamin E, zinc, and b-complex vitamins that help enrich the skin and minimize the appearance of sunspots which are associated with the telling signs of aging.

Almond Oil – Almond oil is also packed full of vitamin E, which naturally enriches your skin while protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Almond oil also helps your tighten your skin to make fine lines disappear!

Squalene – This powerful moisturizer hydrates and restores moisture to your skin to help restore elasticity to the skin and combat unsightly wrinkles.

Ready to make giant strides to combat aging skin with quality skincare ingredients that meet your skin’s unique needs? Shop Clartici today!